Black Friday can be super overwhelming since all of our favourite brands have the craziest discounts. This is why I always prepare my wish list for Black Friday in advance. If you are unsure what to buy on Black Friday 2019, you can get some inspirations from my wish list. Also, if you are not sure what kind of sales and discounts your favourite brands will have, make sure to check out this year’s Black Friday deals.

My Wish list

In general, Black Friday is always the perfect occasion to buy electronics such as TV’s, cameras, phones or laptops. However, Black Friday has become so much more than that and pretty much every brand is offering some sort of discount. I always stock up on my go to products that I use throughout the year and would buy anyways. That way, I can save money on items that I would need to buy during the year. In addition to my essentials, I prepare a wish list including items I have been wanting for quite some time but didn’t want to buy full priced. This might be a jacket that I don’t necessarily need or another item that I would not normally get without a discount. In addition to buying things for myself, I usually add potential Christmas presents to my list. This way, I can save on Christmas presents as well, since December is right around the corner.

Got some ideas on what to buy for Black Friday 2019 but you are still overwhelmed? Here are 10 shopping tips to make the most of this year’s Black Friday.

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