"walkies" emergency kit

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A lot can happen when you’re out on a walk with your human. Sometimes, when you are a little bit further away from home, an emergency kit can be super helpful in case something happens. Especially for me, since I am super clumsy. Also, there are very horrible people that place toxic baits. In those cases, first aid can be crucial and your emergency kit can save lives. I also get super thirsty sometimes when we go out for a longer walk. I like to drink out of a puddle but my mom is not happy with that. Therefore, she usually brings a water bottle and I just drink out of the bottle like a real human. If you want to know what my mom puts in our “walkies” dog emergency kit, keep on reading.

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Dog Emergency Kit List

Tick remover


Telephone number of your Vet

Dog booties

Bach rescue remedy drops for dogs

Apis globuli (in case of a bee or wasp sting)

Eye drops

Ear cleaner

Wound Treatment

Pressure dressing


Bandage scissors


Absorbent cotton

Gauze bandage

Disinfecting agent

Disposable gloves

Charcoal Tablet in case of Poisoning

Activated charcoal in form of charcoal tablets prevents harmful toxins from getting into a dog’s circulation. Therefore, activated charcoal is the best first aid method in case your dog ate a toxic bait. It is recommended to always have charcoal tablets with you.

Of course we don’t bring all of this with us for every walk. You have to decide for yourself what makes sense to bring whenever you go for a longer walk. It makes sense to put everything in your car. You never know what can happen.

Is there anything you else you always bring with you when you go into nature with your dog? Also, have you seen my paw balm recipe for dogs yet? It’s the perfect care for your dogs paws.

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