Healthy Food Guide for Frankfurt

vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Frankfurt

Eating out doesn’t mean you can’t stick to your healthy routine. More and more healthy restaurants and stylish cafés are popping up where you can grab a quick bite to eat and take a break from sightseeing or shopping. Additionally, more and more Vegan restaurants open up in bigger cities and restaurants in general offer Vegan and Vegetarian options. I love to be prepared when visiting a city or being out and about, so I don’t have to stress about finding a food spot when I get hungry. This healthy food guide for Frankfurt includes many healthy food spots that are either Vegan restaurants or restaurants that offer Vegan and Vegetarian options. If you ever visit Mainhattan, as we also like to call Frankfurt, or even live in Frankfurt, try them out!

Fuel Good – Vegan friendly, Asian Fusion Kitchen

This cute little place is super close to the main shopping area and perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat. They have vegetarian and vegan option and delicious homemade lemonade. You need to try the Lotus Pocus Bowl. It’s so good!

📍Schäfergasse 38, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan options

Berger Streetfood – Sushi Restaurant

Located at Berger Street, a street full of restaurants, bars and hookah bars, this sushi place is perfect for a date night or lunch with friends. They offer lunch menus, signature rolls, Maki and everything a sushi lover craves. Try their California Supreme, it’s amazing. If you just want to enjoy sushi and watch netflix at home, they also offer take out!

📍Berger Straße 83, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian options

Elaine’s Deli – Breakfast, Brunch, Café

One of the trendiest cafés in Frankfurt that reminds me a lot of L.A.. Close to downtown, this is the perfect spot for breakfast or for taking a break from shopping. Try their Mango Bowl and a Tomato Mozzarella Wrap! It’s soo good!

📍Taunustor 1-3

🌱 Vegetarian options

Mehlwassersalz – Bakery, Café and Lunch Spot

This is the perfect little spot for brunch on a rainy Sunday or just lunch on any day really, besides Monday.

📍Domstrasse 10, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian options

Plantsandcakes – plant-based

This place is a vegan paradise and the spot for everyone that loves plant based food. Have you seen their nice cream bowls?

📍Oederweg 51

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan options

Eat Fit Daily – low carb breakfast and brunch spot

Eat Fit! This place is all about low carb fast food. They offer salads, healthy bowls and smoothie bowls and also have some vegan options!

📍Münchener Straße 9, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan options

Zeit Für Brot – Bakery

This bakery also has locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne and offer the most amazing cinnamon buns.

📍Oederweg 15, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian options

Vevaycafe – vegetarian and vegan restaurant, café and juice bar

Vevaycafe is a must for every Vegetarian, Vegan or anyone that feels like eating healthy. They offer vegan breakfast, vegan cakes and lunch. They also have a juice bar. What are you waiting for?

📍Neue Mainzer Str. 20, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan options

V’uisine – Vietnamese Street Food

Enjoy some Vietnamese Street Food on their outside patio. They offer Vietnamese street tapas including spring rolls, summer rolls, spicy chicken wings and mango salad. They also have some vegetarian options.

📍Wielandstraße 61, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian options

Das Herz von Frankfurt – breakfast spot, café and bar

This is the perfect spot for a coffee break or drinks. They recently added breakfast to their menu. Located close to the old town of Frankfurt, this place is also a nice photo spot. Just take a look at their ceiling!

📍Braubachstraße 31, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan options

Mirador – Bar and Restaurant

Mirador offers Mediterranean food and has everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner and cocktails. Their outside sitting area is perfect for warm summer nights. This restaurant is perfect for any location really. They also have vegetarian and vegan options. When you get a chance, have a closer look at their beautiful ceiling.

📍Berger Straße 65, Frankfurt

🌱 Vegetarian and Vegan options

Let me know when you try any of my recommendations. Do you have any other recommendations that need to be included? What’s your favourite food spot in Frankfurt? If you want to read more about how to eat healthy on a city trip, click here.

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