Vegan Bolognese Recipe

Try out my favourite vegan bolognese, I guarantee you, you will not miss the meat.

I cooked this for my family without mentioning it was vegan and only my mum noticed the difference. You can eat the bolognese with spaghetti, zoodles or whatever you like.

Ingredients for the bolognese:

50g Carrots 

1 Onion

50g Mushrooms

50g red bell peppers

30g red lentils

200g sieved tomatoes

200ml water

1 teespoon of my homemade vegetable paste

your favorite pasta/zoodles/rice

Step by Step

Peel the onion and braise it lightly with some olive oil.

Peel the carrots, mushrooms and bell peppers and dice them. You can also use a food processor for the vegetables. Add the vegetables to the onion and braise it lightly for about 5 minutes. Then, add the lentils, sieved tomatoes, water and the vegetables paste and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Finally, add come salt and pepper if needed.

In the meantime, you can cook the spaghetti or zoodles.

Top the spaghetti with the bolognese and add some vegan parmesan.

This recipe is inspired by Pamela Reif and her cookbook “You Deserve This”.

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