Paw Balm for Dogs

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my mom makes this delicious, I mean soft, paw balm for dogs I want to tell you about. Once every week, in the wintertime even more often, I have to lay down so that my mom can massage the balm onto my paws. She puts a teaspoon of the paw balm in her hands and warms it up. She then massages it onto every single paw to make sure they don’t chap. This balm is perfect to prevent chaps but also the perfect cure for already chapped or damaged paws.

I don’t like laying down for the paw balm because I always get so sleepy. And I am not the biggest fan of sleep. I am always afraid I might miss something. But afterwards my paws are so soft and I can lick the excess balm off even though I’m not allowed to. Sorry mom.

If you are a dog that likes to run a lot, especially in the winter when the ground is frozen, let your human know of this paw balm recipe for dogs. Our paws don’t get younger, so it is good to take care of them, especially in extremely hot or extremely cold weather.

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Paw Balm for Dogs


60ml calendula oil 

60ml St. John’s Wort oil

40g Shea Butter

40g Bee’s Wax

10g Cocoa butter

10g coconut oil 

8ml vitamin E

Paw Balm For Dogs

Step by Step

First, pour the St. John’s Wort oil and the calendula oil into a beaker and warm it up. Secondly, add the bee’s wax and the cocoa butter and stir until everything is liquid. Next, add the coconut oil and the shea butter. Lastly, add the vitamin E. Make sure you add the vitamin E when the balm is still liquid. Pour the liquid balm into a jar or smaller container, and cover it up with a kitchen towel. Let the paw balm sit over night. The next day, seal the jars and put them in the fridge. The balm is pretty solid to avoid slipping. Simply warm up the paw balm in your hands before applying it.

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