Pampas Grass decor

Forget cactuses or other indoor plants. Pampas grass is the interior trend of 2019. Everyone wants to have it and you probably have seen it all over social media. The gorgeous, fluffy grass does not only look amazing in any room or garden, it’s also super care free! Once dried, pampas does not need any water and lasts for years. Whether it is dried and decorated in a vase, incorporated into the table decoration or simply planted in your backyard, Pampas grass is a true all-rounder. The soft features and pastel colours make it an eye catcher. In addition to that, pampas grass is so fluffy, you want to touch it all the time. The best thing is, the grass comes in different colours! If you want to learn more about pampas grass decor, where to buy it, and how to grow it, keep on reading.

What is Pampas Grass

The evergreen plant, also called Cortaderia Selloana, is a tall grass with feathery flower heads. Originally from South America, Pampas grass comes in different colours such as white, pink and purple. When dried, the grass is perfect for flower arrangements and decor in general.

Pampas grass decor

Where to buy Pampas Grass

Pampas grass blooms from September until February. Visit your florist around that time of the year and ask for dried pampas grass. Due to its popularity, more and more florists have it available. However, it also sells super fast. In addition, you can also order it online. Online shops such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon offer dried pampas grass in different colours and sizes. Lastly, more and more start ups emerge that offer dried pampas and other dried flowers. If you prefer to grow your own pampas grass, you can simply buy a plant at the garden center. Below are a few shops that sell dried pampas grass. Simply click on the image to get to the product.

How to grow Pampas Grass

If you want to grow and dry your own Pampas grass, you can simply buy the plant at a garden center. Buying dried Pampas grass online can be very pricy, so drying your own is a great alternative. Also, since Pampas grass is an evergreen plant and blooms for several months, this will also be an upgrade for your backyard or balcony. Pampas grass looks good all year round. Simply plant it in your backyard or in a bucket to put it on your balcony. Around September or October, you can cut off the fluffy grass and dry it. I recommend drying it upside down so the pampas pom pom’s keep their nice shape. After one week, you can spray the grass with some hairspray so it stays in shape. Once dried and sprayed, you can get creative. I usually cut the grass a little shorter and put it in a vase. It looks so simple and fluffy, I want to touch it everytime I walk by it.

Decor Inspiration

Pampas grass decor has a super free-spirited and bohemian vibe. Even though it is very simple, it is a true statement piece in your home, especially in a big vase. Here are some inspirations and ideas to decorate with pampas grass.

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