This month’s wish list includes some staple pieces that I have been wanting to add to my wardrobe for quite some time. I love this puffer jacket for colder weather and of course, lots of sweaters. Because I don’t already have enough of those. I mean, how many sweaters is too many? Asking for a friend. I am also dying to get a straight leg jeans with split detail since the Zara one that was all over Instagram has been sold out for ages. Thankfully, I found a similar pair from Missyempire.

If you are looking for some inspiration on what to spend your Christmas money on, keep scrolling to find out what else is on my December wish list. In order to shop any of the items, simply click on the image and it will direct you to the product page. Oh, and if my boyfriend is reading this, those are also some great Christmas gift ideas..hint hint..

What’s on your wish list for this month? Make sure to also check out my November wish list if you haven’t yet.

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