mango smoothie bowl

Vegan Mango Smoothie Bowl

You are looking for a healthy breakfast alternative? Try out this easy and refreshing breakfast option. Acai bowls are the newest super food trend replacing smoothies for breakfast. However, it doesn’t always have to be an aΓ§ai bowl for breakfast. Have you tried this mango smoothie bowl yet instead? This vegan mango smoothie bowl is very easy to prepare and super nutritious. Start your day feeling healthy and fit, whether you are on the go or enjoying a nice breakfast at home. Top it with your favourite fruit, some almonds and granola and you are good to go.


1 frozen Banana

2 Mangos

80 ml Almond Milk

some flax seeds

30g rolled Oats




Cacao Nibs



Coconut flakes

Blend all the ingredients and add almond milk and oats. Add more almond milk or more oats to get the consistency you want.

Finally, add your favourite toppings. I used almonds, granola, grapes, puffed quinoa and pomegranate. However, I use different toppings every time, depending on what I have at home. I also love to add some extra chunks of frozen mango on top. You can also add fruit or other nuts to make your breakfast even healthier.

Something I love about this recipe is that you can make it even if you don’t have any fresh ingredients at home. If you don’t have fresh mangos, you can always just use frozen mangos. The same goes for the banana. You can use a fresh banana or a frozen rope banana, which makes the smoothie bowl super refreshing, especially in summer. When using frozen ingredients, the consistency will be slightly different.

mango smoothie bowl

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