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Once you are done creating your effect, you need to upload it from Spark AR to either Instagram or Facebook depending on where you want it to be used. Getting your effect from Spark AR to one of the platforms happens in two separate steps. You need to export the effect first from Spark AR and then upload it to the platforms. This post will help you on how to do that.

Export effect from Spark AR

In the top left corner, click on “File”. Then in the drop down menu, select “Export”. A new window will pop-up, where you have to click “Export” again. Enter the name for your effect and hit “Save”. Now that you have exported your effect you can go ahead and upload it to Instagram or Facebook.

Upload Spark AR effect to Instagram or Facebook

1. Log into Spark AR Hub

After you have exported your effect from Spark AR, a new window will pop up where you can go directly to the Spark AR Hub. If you want to do this at a later point, then go to the Spark AR website and click on “Manage effects”. You will be prompted to log into your Facebook account. Once you are logged in, the Spark AR Hub will open.

2. Upload your effect to the hub

Click on “Upload effect” in the top right corner. Then follow the steps on the screen. Once you have uploaded your effect and provided all the necessary information, you only have to wait for the approval. Hint: In case you have created an effect that is similar to the one that I described here, the category that you have to select is “Color and Light”. I think the categories can be a little bit confusing and it is annoying if your filter does not get approved because you selected the wrong category. Because in this case, you have to wait up to one more week to get your filter approved.

3. Tips

When uploading your effect to one of the platforms, make sure you select a name for your effect that matches it but also sounds kind of interesting. For example, the names of the effects that I have uploaded describe the colors that the effect creates. The effects are perfect for autumn, so all the names are inspired by all things autumn.

4. Please note:

The Spark AR hub will give you this notice but I just want to make sure to mention it as well. You can only upload your effect to either Instagram or Facebook and not both platforms! This cannot be changed afterwards either!

5. Insights on your effects

Once your effect or your effect have been approved, you can find insights on them in the Spark AR hub. These insights include the number of impressions for your effect, how often an effect has been used, and how often a picture or video has been shared that used the effect.

Spark AR Insights

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