It sounds like the perfect job. Travelling the world, taking pictures and making money by working with your favourite fashion and lifestyle brands. Everyone wants to be “instafamous”. Since influencer has officially become a job title, it has gained even more popularity. However, the new algorithm has made it difficult for small accounts to be noticed. No matter if you want to make money with your account or not. This post gives you tips how to grow your Instagram in 2020.

1. Post high quality pictures

I know, everyone says that, and it is easier said than done. But it is so important if you want to grow your Instagram following. If you don’t post appealing pictures, all the other tips will be worthless. The market is saturated, instagram is full with amazing pictures and the bar is set high. Quality over quantity. Be creative! Stand out!

2. Pick a niche

What is your profile about? Do you post about fitness, fashion or something else? I would recommend focusing on one niche in the beginning, so that your followers know what your profile is about and what they follow you for. 

3. Post regularly

Be persistent and post pictures on a regular basis. However, don’t post too much. I would recommend posting once a day or every other day in order to grow your following. In my opinion, posting multiple times a day is rather annoying. Choose a schedule that works for you. But keep in mind: consistency is key. Don’t jump from posting 5 times a day to only posting once a week. You will get lost in the new algorithm.

4. Be active

This is so important. It is not enough anymore to only post great pictures. There are so many incredible accounts on Instagram. You need to make others aware of you and get their attention. Be active. Follow accounts you like, support them and like and comment other pictures. Engagement is key. If they like your feed, they might follow you. This might be very time consuming and annoying but it is key to grow your Instagram following.

5. Insta Stories

Insta stories have become such a big part of Instagram. They might even be more important than posts. They are more natural and give you a glimpse of someone else’s life.Being active also means posting stories so your followers can get to know you and see what you are up to. 

6. Use hashtags and change them up 

No, hashtags aren’t dead. In fact, they are super important if you want to grow your following and increase your reach. BUT, they have to make sense. Choose hashtags that describe your picture. The new algorithm checks if your picture is similar to those that use the same hashtag. If your picture fits in, it is shown up top.

Don’t use the same hashtags for every single post or Instagram will think it is spam. I recommend preparing 3 or 4 sets of 30 hashtags and rotate after a couple of posts. 

7. Choose an appealing profile picture

This is the first thing other users see when they visit your profile or when seeing your comments on other posts. The profile picture is super small, so it makes sense to choose a close-up picture.

8. Create a Bio

Tell your audience something about yourself. What words describe yourself? What are your interests? How old are you? What’s your name? Make it more personal. Also, for your name, you can put a couple of catchwords such as fashion, sneaker, inspo. This helps you pop up in search, when a user types in fashion.

9. Tag inspo pages in your picture

Many accounts owe their success to inspo pages that repost their pictures and tag them. This is a great way to increase your following and get your posts out there. Tag different accounts and maybe you will get a repost. This also goes for different brands. If you are wearing a brand, tag them. However, make sure to label it advertisement even if it is not paid. You don’t want to get in trouble.

10. Change to a business profile/blogger to see insights and statistics

Changing your account from a personal account to Blogger gives you different insights that can help you improve. You can see your weekly reach, impressions and learn more about your audience.

11. Start now

You always wish you had started sooner. So don’t wait for the perfect time or the perfect moment. The perfect time is now. Growing your account takes time. So don’t wait. 

12. Don’t give up!

Instafame doesn’t happen overnight. This takes a lot of work, persistence and patience. I like to set a goal for myself. This helps you look at the bigger picture and not focus on single days that maybe didn’t go so well. Try something like: my goal is to reach 10k followers in one year. 

Bottom Line

I hope I could give you some insights and tips on how to grow your Instagram. You can also check out my instagram account to get some inspirations. Let’s connect.

Another way to increase your reach is by creating story filter that you and your followers can use. You don’t know how to create your own story filter? Don’t worry, just follow my step for step guide here.

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