Black Friday is something I look forward to all year. However, the biggest shopping event of the year can be super overwhelming. Pretty much every store has insane deals offering up to 50% off. Following some basic tips can help you make the most of Black Friday and don’t lose focus. Keep on reading for my Black Friday shopping tips. If you want to know what kind of deals your favourite brands have, click here.

My Black Friday Shopping Tips

1. Prepare a wishlist in advance

Browsing on Black Friday might not be the best idea. Products go out of stock very quickly or might be already sold out. Make sure you already know what you want. Sure, browsing is fun but I would recommend preparing a list for the things you really want. Otherwise, Black Friday can be very frustrating.

2. Be early

Most deals already start at midnight. If you are planning on buying something in particular and you think it might sell out, stay up until midnight the day before and buy it right away.

3. Follow your favourite shops on their socials

By following your favourite shops on social media, you make sure you don’t miss anything. Many brands announce last minute deals or special announcements on their socials.

4. Stay home and shop online 

Most deals are better online anyways, so don’t bother leaving your house and just do some online shopping. Many online shops offer free shipping on Black Friday.

5. Don’t only focus on Friday

Many people forget about Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday right after Black Friday. Some shops offer even better deals on Cyber Monday, so stay on the lockout for more offers.

6. Don’t lose focus

Black Friday can be very overwhelming. Make lists, know what you want or need, and have a budget if you need to. The insane amount of deals might lead you to buy more than you need.

7. Stock up on your everyday products

I recommend buying the products you use on a daily basis and would buy anyways during the year. This can be products such as beauty products, socks, underwear or a basic pair of sneakers. You would buy the products anyway once you run out, so why not stock up and save some money?

8. Save products to you reading list

I find this to be very helpful when shopping online. Add the products to your reading list on your computer or phone so that you have straight access to them. That way, you can also see if a specific product is included in the sale. This can also help you shop quicker in case you are worried something might go out of stock.

9. Sign up for early access

For many brands, you can sign up for VIP or early access in advance. That way, you can shop before everyone else and sometimes get exclusive offers.

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