21 Buttons Review

Have you recently heard of the 21 Buttons app but you are not sure what exactly this app does? Don’t worry! This 21 Buttons review will give you a detailed explanation of what the app is, how it works and how you can earn money with it.

What is 21 Buttons?

21 Buttons is a social network where you can get fashion inspiration, discover new trends, and shop the looks of your friends or favorite bloggers.  The pictures that are posted on the app are tagged with so called “buttons”. The buttons link the clothing item directly with the website. This makes it super easy to buy the clothes you like.

But wait, there is more. You cannot only shop clothes on the app but you can share your own outfits with the community and earn money by doing so. How much money you can actually earn through the app will be explained later in this post.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Overview of the 21 Buttons App

Home Feed

The 21 buttons app is very similar to Instagram in many ways. The home page is a feed similar to Instagram where you will see the posts of the people you follow. Also, there will be some suggested posts on your feed by other users the app suggests.

As you can see, the post on the right hand side indicates “suggested”. This simply means that I don’t follow this user but the post is showing on my home feed anyways. Even though this might seem annoying, the app does a great job in suggesting users that you might actually like.

Since 21 Buttons is a social network you can of course like and comment on posts, as well as share them. Also, the app includes a feature where you can see how many people viewed a post.

The white dots on the pictures, the so called “buttons”, represent the main purpose of this app. Every clothing item is tagged with a button that provides a direct link to the online shop. Of course, there is only a button if the user that posted the picture tagged the item.

By clicking on a button, the linked item will appear and you can directly go to the website to shop the item. Further, you can save the item to your closet or your wishlist, so that you can purchase it later. In addition, you can share the item with a friend or on another social network. The buttons make it so easy to shop the outfits that you see and like and really simplifies the process of finding these clothing items online. Instead of having to comment under pictures or sending the users messages, the app demonstrates a very easy way to shop your favourite looks.

Discover Feed

The discover feed on 21 Buttons is again very similar to Instagram. You can get inspiration from other users and see what they wear and how they combine their outfits. Within the discover feed you can either search for other users, the so called “Buttoners”, or you can scroll through hundreds of different looks. A nice little feature within 21 Buttons lets you filter the posts you want to see on the discover feed. These filters are “category”, “brand”, “color”, and “price”.

This filter can be extremely helpful when you are looking for a specific item. You can simply enter “coat” in the “category” tab, “Zara” as your preferred “brand”, “black” for “color”, and set the “price” to “less than $100”. This will give you immediately all the looks that have an item like this included. Again, this makes it so easy to shop on this app. Also, you can then look for inspiration on how to combine this specific coat.


This tab is where you can publish your looks. Once you have selected the picture that you would like to post, you can go ahead and tag the different clothing items.

Once you have tagged a clothing item, a selection of shops appear. You can then go ahead and click on the store where you bought the item from. Select for instance Zara, then look in their online shop for the item. When you have found the item you simply click “tag” and the item is linked to the button on your post.


The “Profile” tab gives you an overview of your profile. It shows how many buttons you have tagged, your number of followers, and how many buttoners you follow. This is, again, very similar to Instagram, as you are able to post a profile picture as well as write a short bio. The first tab on your profile shows all of your posts or “looks” and the second tab shows your “closets”. You can create different closets where you can save items to shop them later.

21 buttons review

Earning money on 21 Buttons

You don’t have to be a blogger or influencer in order to make money on the app. Anyone can earn rewards by posting and tagging items if others shop them. Probably the best part of the app is the reward. You can earn money by sharing your outfits with the community. Whenever someone clicks on one of your buttons tagged in your post and purchases the item through that link, you earn a commission. The commission varies but lies in between 4 percent and 6 percent of the sale price. This might not sound like a lot but it can definitely add up. You can find an overview of your rewards in the profile tab by clicking on settings.

Once your earnings hit $10, you will be able to pay them out via PayPal. If rewards don’t show up immediately, don’t be disappointed. It might take some time to process the rewards.

I hope I was able to give you some insight into the app and the processes. Are you already using the app or do you consider using it? Let me know in the comments! Also if you would like, you can go ahead and follow me on 21 Buttons.

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